Teaching and Altering the Lives of Kids(T.A.L.K.)


            As a company built for the future to provide for the future, we are an intensive in home agency that provides the correct therapeutic treatment to assist families in once again acquiring and maintaining love and connection. We are here to assess, assist, and provide the best quality of care possible. It is our belief, that the family is the most important component to building a bigger and better tomorrow. As you trust us with the well-being of your family, the only thing we ask in return is that you give us full cooperation. Please bear in mind that we as counselors can achieve a greater amount of success with your assistance. Our efforts become limited without your support. So in many ways without you we are nothing. We recognize in the 21st century that the family units have been damaged and weakened! T.A.L.K. Family is here to rebuild, elevate, and deliver power back into the family's hands.